Teaching Philosophy


To send light into the darkness of mens' hearts- such is the duty of the artist.

                                                                  -Robert Schumann


Learning an instrument, cultivating the discipline that it takes to practice, and mastering a new language (music) will enrich your life exponentially. Through our time together, I will help you develop a solid technique so that you can express your artisty by using your instrument. Through patient dedication to this process you will acquire the skills to further your success. I’m so excited to start this journey with you!

For my voice students, I believe very much that the entire student (body, mind, and emotions) play a role in the development of the singer. I approach lessons with this in mind and work toward helping a singer come from a place of healthfulness in all areas. I incorporate principles of the Estill Voice method, Hennessy Whole Body Voice method, and general anatomy and physics concepts. I am a trained opera singer, but I enjoy teaching all different styles of repertoire centered upon consistent technique.

With regards to piano students, I view lessons as a way to increase musical intelligence through study of piano repertoire. I focus on technique, theory, and musicianship by using the Faber Piano Adventure series, Alfred Premiere Piano Course, and/or supplementary pieces from standard piano repertoire.