Studio Policy


Initial Consultation:

I encourage an initial consultation/trial lesson. This first encounter gives us a chance to meet, allows me to know your goals, and determine that the fit is correct. Finding a private music teacher is largely based on compatible personalities. For my singers, I will vocalize you a bit and ask you to sing a song you already know. For pianists, I would like to hear you play something you have worked on with a previous teacher. If this is your first time taking lessons, don’t worry about bringing anything.



One of the things I love about my life is the variety that makes it full; teaching, performing, and being a mother and wife keep me very busy. I know your life is busy as well and finding a time for your lesson will be collaboration. I will work hard to find a time that works for us both. 


Fees for Private Lessons:

½ hour = $25.00 per session

45 min. = $35.00 per session

1 hour = $50.00 per session



I ask that you pay at the end of the month for lessons taken. You may pay by:

Check (made out to: Emily Sternfeld-Dunn), cash, or credit card (I can accept card payments at the lesson or you can pay online at via the payment link).

If you decide to pay in advance for lessons and end up canceling a lesson, I cannot do a makeup lesson or credit that payment towards a future lesson (see Cancellation Policy)


Cancellation Policy and Make-up Lessons:

YOU MUST PROVIDE 24 HOURS’ NOTICE TO CANCEL OR RESCHEDULE. No refunds will be given for no-shows or tardiness. If you cannot be at a lesson because of illness or any other reason, please contact me as soon as possible. The easiest and fastest way to let me know of missed lessons is by text. Please attempt to reschedule if you are running a fever or have laryngitis.


Teacher-Missed Lessons:

Part of my career is performing. Sometimes this requires me to travel. I will communicate frequently and clearly about any lessons that I will miss. These missed lessons will either be made up or not charged.


Group Lessons, Master Classes, and Recitals:

All students involved in private music lessons are strongly encouraged/lightly required  to participate in specially scheduled events. These are a vital part of the student’s development. I will give ample notice of these extra events.


Practice Expectations:

Students enrolled in 30 minute lessons are expected to practice a minimum of 20 minutes each day; 45 minute lessons require 40 minutes of practice each day; hour lessons require 50 minutes of practice each day. Students who wish to excel should allow for more practice time. Daily practice will help the student accomplish his/her musical goals, which will lead to greater self-esteem and the enhancement of learning abilities. If you have any questions concerning your student’s practice habits, please let me know.


I look forward to working with you!